The Benefits of Sealcoating

Sealcoating a parking lot is an important part of the maintenance of the lot.  But the more crucial thing to keep in mind, is the timely maintenance of the parking lot. Sealcoating requires applying a coat of sealant on the surface of the asphalt which protects it from rough weather.  It also helps deter wear and tear,  unfortunate  conditions like oil spills and exposure to high temperatures and sunlight.  The construction and the physical condition around the parking lot helps to determine  the type of sealcoat that is applied.

Corestone Paving can help in complimenting the life of your parking lot.  When a parking lot is subject to leaks from vehicles parked in the lot, a continuous layer of oil  weakens the top surface.  Over time, this causes a slow, steady degradation of the lot leading to cracks and potholes.  This makes the parking lot not only unsightly,  but disables the usability of the lot.  If the parking lot is inspected from time to time and sealcoating is applied, it can extend the life expectancy of your lot.


Without sealcoating, the parking lot surface begins to turn brittle and it will crack.  Sealcoating helps  prevent this issue from happening.  The Sealcoat creates a layer that protects the lot from outdoor elements such as water, dirt, or oil/chemical deposits.  Corestone Paving can help keep your chances of  having to do overlays to the parking lot by sealcoating and protecting the lot.  This also helps reduce expensive repair jobs.  When your parking lot is sealcoated on a regular basis it can extend the life of the parking lot and result in saving you money.  Not only will the parking lot be more functional, it will look more inviting and appealing to your customers or residents.

Now is the time to budget for a sealcoat job to your lot, as winter isn’t a good time for the process.  The  ambient temperature and the surface aren’t warm enough to give the sealcoat time to dry.  Therefore, it doesn’t apply well.  A Corestone Paving Estimator can inspect and measure your lot and give you a free estimate for a sealcoat job to fit your budget.  Just click on “Proposal Request” on the website home page and fill out the information.  We hope to hear from you soon!