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Corestone has been paving parking lots, pot hole repairs and roads for 13 years. We are considered a top paving company in the city of Houston and surrounding areas. If you need repairs for your asphalt, pot holes, concrete, curbs, culverts, speed bumps, parking driveways, new construction, sidewalks, foundation slabs, concrete piers, pier beam contractor, concrete stairs, concrete sawing, concrete joint sealing, concrete crack repair, asphalt pot hole repair, asphalt crack repair, seal coating, parking lot maintenance, asphalt milling, asphalt base repair, dirt work and site stabilization, then Corestone is the team to trust and call today.

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 In most cases, property owners fill potholes with rock and throw tar into cracks that form in a parking lot over time. That only last so long.  Many architects and engineers recognize that concrete is a great paving material, and they will spec it as needed for certain projects.

Benefits of concrete: The biggest advantage of owning a concrete paved parking lot is evident year after year: low maintenance.

Paving Maintenance: How To Keep Your Parking Lot From Cracking and Breaking

Every year, many people spend thousands of dollars on maintenance of deteriorated parking areas. With a concrete parking lot, this annual ritual is reduced significantly. A concrete parking area is designed using well-established engineering principles to withstand the expected traffic for 20 or 30 years. The maintenance requirements are minimal, because the pavement is rigid, which eliminates the formation of potholes and depressions. Also, when concrete is used, costly, destructive, and time-consuming seal coating, typically required every four to seven years for asphalt parking areas, are completely eliminated.

Appearance of Concrete Parking Lots

By using concrete as a paving material, the owner is provided with a clean and attractive parking area. The concrete pavement gives the impression of resistance and permanence; This is a subtle but very real advantage. Also, concrete provides unlimited flexibility in appearance, through the use of relief and coloring techniques. Instead of placing expensive bricks or pavers, the same effect can be achieved by using concrete for a fraction of its cost.


The concrete pavement is easily constructed with a rough surface. This increases resistance to skidding, making it safer for vehicular and pedestrian traffic. In a society plagued by claims, this is a very important point that the owner of a parking area should consider.


If we observe a concrete parking area at night, we immediately notice that it appears much brighter as a result of the color and reflectiveness of the material. In addition, to make the area safer for the user, the added reflective nature is transformed into significant savings for the owner. Since it reflects light, a concrete parking area requires fewer lighting devices to provide a satisfactory degree of brightness. This means less expense during the initial construction and a smaller monthly electricity bill for the rest of the parking lot's life.

Consumer Impression

Everyone involved in retail sales knows that having a happy customer is very important. A concrete parking area minimizes the need for customers to complain about potholes that damage their cars. They will not be driving over hindering depressions; they will not have to skirt or cross puddles. Instead, they will be driving safely in the parking lot, leaving the complex through a well-built, skid-resistant and well-lit area.

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Cost To Repair Concrete Parking Lot - Houston Tx

So we can begin to realize the advantages of a concrete parking area. However, we may think that something that has all these advantages must be very expensive. If this were in 1966 instead of 2018, maybe that's how it was.However, in the last 20 years the cost of bituminous pavement materials has increased by more than 600 percent. This means that in the current market, the initial cost of concrete pavement is the same, if not lower, in almost all areas of the United States. The owner who is aware of the costs examines not only the first cost but also what follows during the life of the pavement. To do this, you should consider the cost of routine maintenance that includes, for example, the periodic asphalt sealing layers, the cost of a necessary asphalt overlay, in four or five years, and the cost of lighting the parking area.Whether you are considering putting an overlay in a parking area or building a new parking area, concrete is a reliable and viable alternative, which must be examined. In the current market, you can competitively build a concrete parking area - and build it to last a long time.The pavements are structures composed of layers of different materials, which are built on stabilized material (or they should be), to allow transit over them safely, comfortably and for a long time.The materials of the layers are chosen according to engineered needs, but here i s what is typical....The natural terrain is known as subgrade and is responsible for supporting the pavement (typically stabilized with cement or lime at a given percentage based on the Geotech). The pavements are called according to their behavior (rigid or flexible) according to the material of their tread. Asphalt is commonly 2" thick after compaction. Anything less, is going to fail faster. The base material can be 6 to 12 inches. Again, all based on the engineered preferences.

Concrete pavements: They are rigid pavements. They are formed by concrete slabs of not less than 6" thick, separated by joints and placed on a base, subbase, and subgrade. Special attention should be paid to the design and construction of the subgrade, subbase, and base to ensure their structural capacity, stability, uniformity, durability, and surface regularity. The purpose of the base is to provide uniform support to the pavement. It has a longer life than asphalt pavement. The concrete pavements, having a flat surface, lengthen the life of the vehicles, preventing them from being damaged and minimizing their maintenance. Concrete pavements resist the loads transmitted by heavy vehicles better than asphalt pavements. In braking and starting areas of heavy vehicles, Asphalt pavements (asphalt concrete): These are flexible pavements. Its surface is concrete, without joints and they are not more than 10" thick. Its base is approximately 12" thick and usually, have a subbase. Regarding its maintenance, in the asphalt paving of the pavements, detours are executed, and alternative routes are enabled, aspects that harm neighbors and users. Unlike concrete, which gains strength over time, with the asphalt does not happen the same. It deforms with the passage of heavy vehicles. This can cause deformation, which would not have good drainage of rainwater (and you always need drainage of the property!).

Placed on a layer of stabilized sand and with a sand seal between the joints, they can have a base or a base and subbase, with slightly lower thickness than those used for asphalt pavements. The placement of concrete pavers requires little machinery, simple tools and allows immediate commissioning once the work is completed.  The concrete pavers are combine-able and non-slip, adaptable to curves and slopes, are easily removable and recoverable , facilitating subsequent installations. They have resistance, carrying capacity and flexibility of adaptation to deformations of the terrain, give an appearance of order and prolixity. The paving is dry, easy and fast. The paving of paving stones allows the greater quality of the concrete when being produced in factory, under strict controls of dosage. As it is not a continuous surface, the noise produced by vehicular traffic is higher.

Tips on Selecting a Paving Contractor - How To Hire a Paving Contractor in Houston TX

Hiring a paving contractor is not really a very difficult thing to do. Sometimes it's just a phone call. But the question, are hiring a top quality paving contractor, who can meet your expectations? This issue should be investigated before hiring a paving contractor. So here are some tips that will guide you on selecting a paving contractor. First tip: know your work experience. It is important to consider the paving contractors experience before hiring. A good company has a good record of working with other people. You should watch or ask others who knows the contractor if he is really doing a good job. Testimonials about his work will help you analyze whether it's really worth doing the work for you. Read the reviews of the companies he has to work on, and also do a personal search.This assures you that you will not be wasting money for unexpected work mistakes it could make because of their lack of experience.

Tip Second: Have a contract signed. Before you start make a legal document that will list all the working terms for both of you. Corestone has a simple quote you can sign. Again, this will ensure that you will have the work you want to do. Third Tip: Know the materials and paving design. Do your own research regarding the paving deisgn (thickness etc). Good quality designs will determine the effectiveness of the work done.

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We are here to discuss all your Paving needs.

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A good paving, sealcoating, or site stabilization job begins with a plan. Before we start, we get to know your project from start to finish. A thorough site inspection permits us to become familiar with the specific conditions of your property and prevents costly surprises. When you receive a written paving services proposal from Corestone Paving & Construction, you are getting more than just another proposal from another Houston asphalt paving company. Our proposals are a complete asphalt and paving plan.