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Curing a Pain in the Asphalt

Curing a Pain in the AsphaltDo you have Alligator Cracks, Raveling, Edge Cracks, Utility Cuts, Potholes? What are these, you ask?

Alligator Cracks are interconnected cracks in a chicken-wire pattern. Excessive deflection of asphalt pavement is one cause of alligator cracking. There could be a number of causes such as a weak subgrade or base, overloading on the pavement, simply an unstable base or subgrade cause by repeated traffic loads heavier than the pavement was designed to withstand. Or it could be water in the base or subgrade soil.

Curing a Pain in the AsphaltRaveling or loose gravel is the loss of aggregate particles from a pavement surface. Usually it will start with sand-size material coming loose and leaving indentations in the surface.

Edge Cracks occur parallel to the edge of the pavement and about a foot or so from the edge. Usually there is no support (curb or paved shoulder) at the edge where the cracking is occuring. Could be caused by poor drainage near the edge or the drying of soil caused by grass or other vegetation near the pavement.

Utility Cut depressions occur when utility cuts aren’t properly backfilled before patching. The patching material settles, creats a depression and possible cracking of the patched area.
Potholes. Well we all know what potholes are. Possible causes are asphalt surfaces that are too thin, base failure under heavy loads or just poor drainage.

All of the above problems can be easily remedied by a quality Asphalt Services Company. Corestone Paving offers services that focus on Efficiency & Quality.! Customers want repairs done quickly. In and out with the least amount of disruption and inconvenience to them and/or their tenants. But our efficiency of operations doesn’t mean taking shortcuts. Each project is performed to specific, stringent specifications insuring a quality result.

About Corestone Paving & Construction

It’s about the “3 E’s” –¬†Experience, Expertise and Efficiency!

Corestone’s principals have over 35 years of experience in the Houston area paving market. This experience translates to the necessary expertise needed to insure that our customers are completely satisfied.

Corestone’s client list ranges from large corporations to independent property owners. Performing projects for companies with comprehensive quality and safey programs has helped Corestone to sharpen their focus on detail and at the same time insure that each project is done as safely and efficiently as possible.

Your Satisfaction is Our Core Concern.