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At Corestone Paving, we strive to provide that highest quality asphalt paving services. Providing Humble asphalt paving for both residential and commercial use, we continue to excel in creating quality pavement for all of our clients. With over 20 years of experience in paving, we assist of our customers with designing the most cost efficient pavement designs, that way they can get the most bang for their buck. Give us a call today for a free asphalt consultation. 


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When it comes to asphalt paving, it is just a matter of time until repairs are needed. For this reason we recommend not only hiring professional asphalt repair contractors, but putting in place an annual asphalt maintenance program. When asphalt is maintained properly, it can go longer before any costly repairs are needed. With Corestone, you will only get the highest quality asphalt repairs, that will last. If you would like to get a free quote for you Humble asphalt repair, give us a call today!


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How To Identify When It’s Time To Repave Asphalt

It is essential that your parking lot be a safe place for pedestrians. In addition, it is important for it to look appealing as well as be in compliance with state and local ordinances. We have provided (8) questions that can assist you in determining if your parking lot needs to be replaced.

(1) Is your parking lot holding water and/or flooding?

A very important aspect asphalt parking lot maintenance is the process of water management. A proper parking lot is designed where it not only does not hold water, but it provides operational flow to proper storm drainage outlets. Drainage issues can be very costly and lead to major problems and extensive damage. It is important that water does not flow or flood your parking lot, because it will most definitely begin to destroy your base layer of the pavement. The erosion of the base layer can quickly cause major damages such as caving, cracking, and buckling. It is essential that all asphalt parking lots be designed with a slope of at least two percent to ensure proper water flow.

(2) Is your parking lot starting to crack and/or fade?

If you notice or are receiving complaints of a cracked or faded parking lot, then it is definitely overdue for a repave or replacement. With enough time, years of wear and tear continue to degrade the integrity and appearance of asphalt services. Without have to repave an entire parking lot, there are ways to repair minor damages with sealing cracks and sealcoating the surface.   

(3) Does your parking lot have a great base, such as gravel base?

Probably the most single important aspect of a proper asphalt parking lot is having a proper gravel base. This gravel sub-base is essentially the foundation for that supports the integrity of your paved parking lot.

(4) Does your parking lot integrate smoothly with existing pavement?

This is an easy method to identify. It is important that your paved parking lot lines up correctly with existing surfaces. Not only can an uneven transition become susceptible to a tripping hazard, and can also interfere with proper storm drainage. Shifting in elevations is a sign that the sub-base in inadequate for the parking lot.  

(5)Is your parking lot the right thickness for your traffic needs?

Depending on the amount of use of your parking lot and the types of traffic that is driving on your lot, having the correct thickness is essential to maintaining the proper integrity and mitigating unnecessary repairs. Obviously, the thicker your pavement the stronger and more load it can take. If you have heavy trucks driving on your parking lot often, and your pavement is not the right thickness, you will notice fairly quickly.

(6) Are your parking lot storm drains operating correctly?

Storm drains are designed to catch water and displace it, from your parking lot, to designated areas. When these storm basins are cracked, sunken, or even installed incorrectly, they can cause a whole slew of problems. It should be a annual event that your storm drainage is inspected before rainy season to make sure that your parking lot avoids costly damages.  

(7) Is your parking lot properly striped?

Parking lots without proper striping are essentially just large pads. They are not only dangerous for pedestrians, but they can create confusion and problems for visitors. In addition, proper parking lot striping provides a nice curb appeal and look of professionalism for your place of business.

(8) Is your parking lot in compliance with local ordinances?

Of your been informed that Humble, Tx has city ordinances in place for parking lots and requires compliance? Depending on occupancy, there are suppose to be a specific number of ADA accessible spaces. Generally, at least (2) handicap spaces are required per 26 to 50 parking spaces.