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Construction sites throughout Texas often encounter the challenge of wet, weak, fine grain soil, which can result in muddy conditions. When sites have muddy conditions it makes for difficult working conditions which can ultimately run projects over budget because of extended timelines due to access being difficult for construction vehicles. The saving grace solution for this problem is lime stabilization. Corestone Paving and Construction uses lime to improve and stabilize roadway soils in Houston and surrounding areas. 

Corestone Paving and Construction continues to use Fly Ash to successfully improve the strength and characteristics of Houston soils. We use Fly Ash to stabilize bases or subgrades, to stabilize backfill, to reduce lateral earth pressures, and to stabilize embankments, improving slope stability. We are Houston top fly ash soil stabilization company. 

More than just an asphalt paving company, Corestone provides soil stabilization. Paving costs often increase due to regulations and material price fluctuation. Focusing on cost-saving methods like soil stabilization can be a great way to come in under budget. This method is able to save money because it eliminates the need to haul away existing soil and rebuild the sub-grade. This can also alleviate environmental concerns since there are fewer trucks coming in and out and less original material needed.

Houston Site Stabilization & Sitework

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What is Soil Stabilization?

Corestone is a full service soil stabilization and pavement reclamation contractor. But what is soil stabilization? Essentially soil stabilization changes the  properties of the soil so it can handle more weight, hold for longer periods of time, and handle high load bearing pavement and foundations. Overall the stabilization process increases the strength of the soil. Soil can vary. With the different soil types (clay to sand etc) there is different material needed to stabilize the sub grade soil material. You must use an additive along with heavy duty reclamation equipment to mix the soil and the additives. Some materials used in the stabilization process are cement, lime, fly ash. Certain soils need percentages of the mix in order to optimize the road or foundation soil strength and stabilization.

What are the benefits of Soil Stabilization?

Benefits of Corestone's Soil Stabilization process can include:

  • Higher resistance (R) values
  • Lower plasticity
  • Reduce permeability
  • Decrease your pavement thickness
  • Avoid the need to bring in loads of new material (save on fill dirt and import)
  • Gain increased compaction
  • Provides "all-weather" access onto and within project sites
  • Improve roadways

What is the Houston Soil Stabilization Process?

Before we can apply concrete paving, we must test and design any stabilization project. Testing helps to determine which additive and process should be followed when you are stabilizing your soil. This is where a Geo-technical engineer comes into play. They play a huge role in determining the correct mixture for the mixture.

"It is imperative to solicit the expert advice and engineering know how of a certified Geo-technical Engineer for all Soil Stabilization work. Having a Geo-technical Engineer is one of the most important components of a successful project."

Similar to Full Depth Reclamation soil stabilization follows the same process.
A reclaiming machine first pulverizes the soil  material in question."An additive is then placed on top of this material. This additive is mixed and re-mixed with the soil until the desired properties are achieved. The new base is shaped by a motor grader to the proper profile and compacted. The building pad or roadway materials are added to the specifications or design. This process can vary depending on the soils and additives required. Soil Stabilization can be utilized on roadways, parking lots, site development projects, and in many other situations where sub-soils are not suitable for construction."

Houston Site Stabilization

Where is Houston Soil Stabilization Used?

Stabilization and Modification can be used to add strength to almost any soil under any hard surface pavement or structural fill zone, including:

  • Parking Lots
  • Cement Roads & Sidewalks
  • Building Pads
  • New Road construction
  • Restoring Road Construction
  • Farm Roads
  • Pipe Yards

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