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October 25th, 2012 by mjfeatherston under Houston Paving
Chili Team

Corestone Paving & Prism Electric Chili Team for Chili Fest

Please join Corestone Paving at the Houston Apartment Association’s Chili Fest at the Houston Farm and Ranch Club this Saturday (October 27th) from Noon to Five.  Once inside the door it’s all the chili, drink, activities and fun you can imagine.

Corestone Paving is teaming up with Prism Electric to host 2 booths with the theme of “The Nightmare Before Christmas”.  Bring out the kids for Trick or Treating, activities, face painting, and a Pumpkin Patch worthy of an awesome photo opp!

The cost for entry is $10.00 per adult, and $5.00 per child, with children under 3 are FREE!  Once inside all the food, drink and activities are free.  Join us for some award winning chili and a whole lot of FUN!

September 20th, 2012 by admin under Houston Asphalt Paving, Houston Paving

Deciding on a bidHow closely do you actually look at the contracts/bids your vendors submit to you?  Do you simply look at the price and not pay attention to the details?  OR…Do you look at the warranty?  Do you actually look at what is included and what is excluded?  Do you thoroughly read the details of a contractor’s provided scope of work?  The details are important.  PAY ATTENTION?  It matters!

Once you have received a bid for asphalt paving work to be completed, thoroughly review the information that the contractor has provided to you.  Some contracts actually read as though they are doing a “soft shoe”.  Pay attention to the details and specifications.  Are they contradicting?  Is the proposal “spelled out” for you in standard industry language?

For example, if a contractor provides a 1 year guarantee on the work, do  they put restrictions on the guaranteed in the “exclusions” section of the proposal? Words matter and they can make your warranty worthless.

If you see contradictions, it’s time to throw out the “red challenge” flag.  If you see the word “economy”, then generally what you get is a job performed with a REDUCTION IN QUALITY.  If the project is worth spending money on, it should be done to last.  Economy jobs don’t last and you will end up spending more in the long run and….generally they are not guaranteed/warranted.

Do it right the first time, do it to last.  At Corestone Paving, we don’t like to dance!  A “soft shoe” won’t end up on a contract or a bid.  Corestone Paving will provide a QUALITY SERVICE the first time and EVERY TIME.  When bidding a job, Corestone will provide you with the proper procedures and specifications to do the job right.  You won’t have to call us back again and again to redo repairs because of work that was performed below industry standards.


June 26th, 2012 by admin under Houston Paving Repair

Sidewalk Repairs

The drought of last summer left many of our sidewalks with cracks, uneven sections, sunken walkways and trip hazards.

For the safety of your clients, tenants, residents, and community, it is now time to make repairs.

Sidewalk Repairs

Corestone Paving specializes in breaking up the problem areas, hauling off the waste, and replacing the concrete so trip hazards are no longer an issue.

Sidewalk Repairs

Call today for a free estimate!

March 14th, 2012 by admin under Houston Paving

Summer Curb Appeal!These are challenging economic times. There are a few things you can do to “enhance your curb appeal”. By maintaining your parking lot, it not only projects a positive image to your tenants and/or customers, it provides a safe driving and walking surface for the existing tenants and/or customers.

Preventative maintenance serves to beautify your property, but also it is a solution that is used to prevent further deterioration of the parking lot.

In these challenging economic times, it’s much more cost efficient to maintain a parking lot than to have to do costly repairs on a regular basis. It’s imperative to have a positive impact on all tenants, customers and employees. Make their impression a good one.

Whether it be a corrective measure such as crack sealing or sealcoating and asphalt patching /repair you have great positive image producting options.

Give us a call for a free esimtate today. Our estimators will give you those options and help make your parking lot inviting.

January 20th, 2012 by admin under Houston Paving

Speed Bumps vs Speed HumpsFiguring out the difference between Speed Bumps and SpeedHumps can certainly get confusing. Often we get questions about the differences as people are usually unsure of what these are, and where they should be using them. It’s important to understand what options are available and where they can be installed in order to provide a safe and effective solution for your community or business.

The Speed Bump and the Speed Hump are both designed to address the problem of speeding. However, there are choices between the different options and they depend on 2 basic criteria:

One is the type of facility in which the item is going to be installed and the other is how aggressively you need to hinder the speeding problem.

Speed Bumps vs Speed HumpsSpeed Bumps are typically 24 ft. long x 12 inches wide x 2 1/2 inches high. Speed Bumps reduce speeds to 2 – 5 mph.They are usually used in parking facilities and in some residential locations These are more aggressive and can dramatically slow down the drive-through traffic. They are often used in high pedestrian areas such as shopping centers, school zones, neighborhood intersections, parking facilities or multi-family properties.

Speed Humps typically are 24″ long x 12 ft wide x 6 inches high. Speed Humps reduce speeds to 10 – 15 mph. They are the least aggressive traffic control product. They are designed to reduce speed, however, they will still maintain a continuous traffic flow. These are used in school parking lots and crossings, playground areas, hospitals, airports, and parking facilities.

One more option would be Manufactured Bumps. However, these are more costly, require more maintaining and many times do not stay in place. The more reliable bumps/humps are made with either asphalt or concrete and require little maintenance.

December 12th, 2011 by admin under Houston Concrete Paving, Houston Paving Repair

Full-depth repair or patching involves removing and replacing a portion of a slab to the bottom of the concrete. This allows you to restore areas of deterioration.

For concrete parking lots and streets, full-depth repairs are required where utility cuts were made to access existing utility infrastructure or to install new ones. They are also required for deteriorated joints or cracks in the roadways and parkinglots.

Aspects of full-depth repairs include some of the following details:

  • The use of full-depth sawcuts around the perimeter of the area needing repair.
  • Removing the deteriorated concrete.
  • Compacting the existing or adding base material.
  • To re-establish the load transfer along the full-depth sawcut.
  • Placing, finishing, texturing, and curing the concrete in the patch area.
  • Opening to the traffic once the desired strength of the concrete is reached.

Full-Depth Concrete Pavement RepairConcrete streets usually receive full-depth repairs due to utility cuts, and utility cut trenches which are usually long and narrow. The width depends on the type of the utility.

  1. Put new joints inline with existing joints so the original panel sizes are in place again.
  2. Replace all dowel bars that were removed.
  3. Tie all longitudinal edges of the long patches to existing concrete by drilling and grouting tie-bars. (see drawing)

Concrete parking lots and street failures occur for a variety of reasons including:

  • Deteriorated sub-base structure due to water intrusion or poor stabilization.
  • Inadequate rebar reinforcement.
  • Time – all paving surfaces have a life expectancy and over time will begin to show signs of failure. It is recommended that facility owners perform yearly assessments of their paving structures and establish an annual paving repair plan to allow for any paving restoration requirements.

Distressed locations are typically restored by full-depth patches. Texture should match the surrounding pavement in type and depth, so the path blends into the pavement imperceptibly.

Despite the differences, the purpose of full-depth repairs for any facility is the same: Repair and Preserve the existing concrete pavement. This will extend it’s life and defer expensive rehabilitation options.

Effective Full-Depth Repairs

Full-depth repair is the only long-term solution for most distresses found in concrete pavements, including repairing structural damage. Restoration techniques are designed to repair specific types of distress. See below for points in performing long lasting, cost effective full-depth repairs.

Allow Adequate Working Room – All full-depth repairs should have enough room to drill dowel bar holes and the width depends on the size of repair need.

Prepare for Changes During Your Repairs – While making restoration plans, it is recommended to allow for altering the repair quantities and types.

Uniform, Stable Platform – Full-depth repairs will require a uniform, stable platform. If poor support conditions caused the distress, they will have to be repaired prior to pouring the concrete. This may be done by lift-out and/or break-up methods to remove the existing concrete.

Saw Cuts – Saw cuts are required regardless of the method used for concrete removal. Saw cuts result in smooth faces at the transverse joint locations. Adequate load transfer at the transverse joints will be necessary to prevent differential movement or faulting, that can occur with moderate to heavy truck traffic volumes.

Placement Techniques – Standard placement techniques are used for normal portland cement-based materials.

Remember, the operating partners of Corestone Paving have over 30 years of combined experience in the Houston construction market and have performed projects involving a wide range of specialized trades. Our project scopes range from small concrete and asphalt repair to large scale renovations involving complete replacement of facility parking areas. Our experienced crews provide our customers with quality and efficiency that insures a job done right! Call for a FREE ESTIMATE today!

Curing a Pain in the Asphalt

Curing a Pain in the AsphaltDo you have Alligator Cracks, Raveling, Edge Cracks, Utility Cuts, Potholes? What are these, you ask?

Alligator Cracks are interconnected cracks in a chicken-wire pattern. Excessive deflection of asphalt pavement is one cause of alligator cracking. There could be a number of causes such as a weak subgrade or base, overloading on the pavement, simply an unstable base or subgrade cause by repeated traffic loads heavier than the pavement was designed to withstand. Or it could be water in the base or subgrade soil.

Curing a Pain in the AsphaltRaveling or loose gravel is the loss of aggregate particles from a pavement surface. Usually it will start with sand-size material coming loose and leaving indentations in the surface.

Edge Cracks occur parallel to the edge of the pavement and about a foot or so from the edge. Usually there is no support (curb or paved shoulder) at the edge where the cracking is occuring. Could be caused by poor drainage near the edge or the drying of soil caused by grass or other vegetation near the pavement.

Utility Cut depressions occur when utility cuts aren’t properly backfilled before patching. The patching material settles, creats a depression and possible cracking of the patched area.
Potholes. Well we all know what potholes are. Possible causes are asphalt surfaces that are too thin, base failure under heavy loads or just poor drainage.

All of the above problems can be easily remedied by a quality Asphalt Services Company. Corestone Paving offers services that focus on Efficiency & Quality.! Customers want repairs done quickly. In and out with the least amount of disruption and inconvenience to them and/or their tenants. But our efficiency of operations doesn’t mean taking shortcuts. Each project is performed to specific, stringent specifications insuring a quality result.

About Corestone Paving & Construction

It’s about the “3 E’s” – Experience, Expertise and Efficiency!

Corestone’s principals have over 35 years of experience in the Houston area paving market. This experience translates to the necessary expertise needed to insure that our customers are completely satisfied.

Corestone’s client list ranges from large corporations to independent property owners. Performing projects for companies with comprehensive quality and safey programs has helped Corestone to sharpen their focus on detail and at the same time insure that each project is done as safely and efficiently as possible.

Your Satisfaction is Our Core Concern.

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