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Introducing Corestone Paving and Construction – Your Premier Choice for Houston Asphalt Paving Solutions! At Corestone, we pride ourselves on being the trusted name in the industry, dedicated to delivering top-quality asphalt paving services tailored to the unique needs of our clients in the vibrant city of Houston. With a commitment to excellence that spans over a decade, our team of seasoned professionals brings unmatched expertise to every project we undertake.

Our success lies in our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Corestone Paving and Construction is more than just a company; we're your reliable partner in transforming your asphalt dreams into reality. Whether it's paving a smooth and durable road, resurfacing your commercial parking lot, or enhancing your property with a meticulously paved driveway, our skilled craftsmen utilize state-of-the-art equipment and the finest materials to ensure a finished product that stands the test of time. As a locally owned and operated business, we understand the unique challenges posed by Houston's climate and traffic demands, allowing us to design asphalt solutions that are resilient, eco-friendly, and budget-conscious. With Corestone Paving and Construction, you're not just getting asphalt; you're investing in a partnership built on trust, quality, and lasting value. Contact us today, and let's pave the way to a smoother, safer, and more beautiful Houston!

Houston Asphalt Repair

At Corestone Paving and Construction, we're your go-to experts for all your Houston asphalt repair needs. With a track record of excellence spanning over a decade, our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to delivering top-quality asphalt repair services tailored to the unique challenges of Houston's climate and traffic demands. When it comes to reviving tired and damaged asphalt surfaces, we don't just repair; we restore, ensuring your pavements are safe, functional, and looking their best.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. At Corestone Paving and Construction, we understand the importance of timely, cost-effective solutions. Whether it's patching up pesky potholes, filling cracks, or rejuvenating an entire pavement, our skilled craftsmen utilize the latest techniques and premium materials to provide lasting results that save you time and money in the long run. We take pride in being a locally owned and operated business, serving the Houston community with integrity and professionalism. Trust Corestone Paving and Construction for all your asphalt repair needs, and experience the difference of working with a team that's dedicated to your safety, convenience, and peace of mind. Contact us today and let's restore your asphalt to its former glory!

Asphalt Repair Contractors in Houston
Asphalt Construction

Asphalt Construction

Corestone Paving and Construction stands as the premier choice for Houston's asphalt construction needs. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our asphalt construction services. From laying the foundation for robust road networks to crafting pristine driveways and expansive parking lots, our seasoned professionals bring unparalleled expertise to every project.

We understand that Houston's diverse environment demands asphalt surfaces that are not only durable but also capable of withstanding the rigors of heavy traffic and extreme weather conditions. Corestone Paving and Construction leverages cutting-edge technology and the highest-quality materials to design, construct, and deliver asphalt surfaces that exceed expectations. As a locally owned and operated business, we take immense pride in contributing to the growth and development of the Houston community. When you partner with Corestone, you're investing in more than just asphalt construction; you're securing a partnership built on reliability, quality, and long-lasting value. Contact us today, and let's pave the way for a stronger, safer, and more beautiful Houston together.

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A word from Corestone Paving and Construction

When looking for a paving contractor in Houston, TX, it is important to understand their skill set and the company needs to meet your expectations. Are the quality and integrity of your asphalt construction needs being met? There are multiple aspects of a high quality concrete paving design. Your contractor needs to propose the scope of work with precision and provide a finished product that performs as expected. Accuracy, proficiency, efficiency and cost effectiveness are all things that should be considered in your contractor selection.


3 Things To Ask Your Asphalt Contractor


1. What is your experience in the industry?

Corestone Paving has over 30 years of experience in the industry. We have a dedicated team, to estimate, plan and execute a high quality paving experience for you or your clients. Beware of inexperienced estimators. If the contractor is finding ways to "save money," but offers less asphalt or a poor paving design, it will cost you much money in the future.

2. What type of asphalt paving design do you recommend?

Corestone customizes asphalt and base installation designs to the needs of the client. If you have heavy duty machinery utilizing the paving, the paving area will require a heavy duty design, with cement stabilized base material. The more material, the higher the price. With a heavy duty design, expect to get a much higher quality output you can trust.

3. Will you come see the property?

Its important to meet the contractor in person, and measure the sq. ft. area with the contractor. If you are given a sq. ft number that is too high, your quoted price will be higher. Knowing your contractor will come to location and meet you is very important in the success of your project. Corestone Constructions team is standing by to see your next project. Our team is knowledgeable and ready.


Professional Asphalt Contractor


Asphalt Paving Houston Whether if you have a minor pothole in need of paving repair or desire a complete renovation of multiple asphalt parking lots, we can service the needs of your Houston area company. Our trained professionals utilize state of the art repair techniques and equipment to insure a cure for any of your pavement problems, big or small. Whether your company is in need of asphalt repair, demolition, or removal services, Corestone Paving & Construction can handle it.

Each asphalt paving project completed by a Corestone professional crew is unmatched in its quality and efficiency.  Our 24 hour 7 day a week service sets us apart from the competition, and that is one reason why we have been the preferred choice of many Fortune 500 companies in Houston for many years.

Here are just a few of the many asphalt paving services we provide:

  • Minor Repairs
  • Construction and Repair of Asphalt Roads, Streets, Sidewalks and Driveways
  • Asphalt Overlays
  • Milling & Recycling
  • Sealcoating
  • New Paving Installations

For a full list of our asphalt paving services and to learn more about the benefits of partnering with us on your company’s next asphalt project, call and speak to a Corestone Paving & Construction asphalt professional today. Give us a call right now. 281-651-0616.

 Other Construction Services


  • Demolition - Demolition services including concrete, asphalt and storm sewer demolition.
  • Houston Dirt Work - Site preparation grading, excavation, haul off, cut & fill, furnish & Install select fill and general dirt work needs for all construction projects. Excavation for trenches, drainage retention/detention ponds, and all general site excavation needs.
  • Houston Site Stabilization - Site stabilization for all types of soil compositions. Lime, Lime/fly ash and Portland cement stabilization. All work is performed in accordance with project specific geotechnical requirements.
  • Building Foundations - Concrete slab foundation installations including, building pad, Grade beams, piers and slab on grade.
  • Houston Asphalt Paving /Base Installation - Asphalt installation & repairs of asphalt paving for roads, parking lots, and all general asphalt applications.
  • Asphalt Pavement Reclamation In place full depth reclamation (FDR) of asphalt pavement surfaces which provide for a new pavement base structure and new asphalt wear coarse.
  • Utilities / Storm Sewer - Drainage/storm sewer pipe including RCP, HDPE, Catch Basins, Manholes, Inlets and more.


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We are Houston's Home for Asphalt Repair.

Houston Asphalt Repair

Asphalt crack repair in Houston is a cost-effective and infinitely beneficial method of keeping your commercial and residential parking lot or driveway safe and operational following the hot Summer months. Your asphalt sustains a great deal of pressure and potentially damaging effects as a direct result of being exposed to hot weather. Extreme hot summer months combined with consistent vehicular and foot traffic can spell out disaster for your property. When asphalt parking lots and other asphalt surfaces are not managed correctly, every hot Texas summer that passes will continue to deteriorate your asphalt surface, making it unsafe for yourself and quests. 

Things You Need to Know about Asphalt Crack Repair

Asphalt crack repair in Houston, Texas is absolutely crucial. As asphalt pavement is an investment for any property, proper maintenance is mandatory to keep the value and safety of a property.  

Throughout the year, property owners should be keeping an eye out for bridal and/or cracking areas in their asphalt surface. Getting these places repaired early can save a lot of time and money.

You might not know this, but there are many different types of asphalt cracks that your pavement can endure. Each type of crack requires a certain type of asphalt crack repair to prevent future damages. Keep in mind that the following isn’t a comprehensive list of the different types of cracks your asphalt parking lot might sustain, but these are some of the more common forms of pavement distress that happen in Houston, Texas.

Shrinkage Cracks

By far, shrinkage cracks are the foremost common variety of cracking your asphalt pavement can sustain throughout its life period. With constant exposure to its exterior and oxidation, this sort of cracking is inevitable, however there's one thing that can be done to prolong the cracking from occurring. Asphalt Sealcoating is one among the most effective and preventative measure that can be implement to preserve your business asphalt parking space.

In fact, asphalt pavement owners should be sealcoating their paved surfaces every 2-3 years as a part of your regular maintenance routine. Shrinkage cracks pop out as tiny hairline fractures in pavement. Over time, they will expand and fill with water and rubble, resulting in expansion.

Stress Cracks

As with all types of paved surfaces, the strength and sturdiness of the inner foundation of your asphalt parking lot is imperative to its durability and longevity. Not constructed and maintained properly, the complete structure might collapse. This does not essentially happen immediately, it is a process than gradually begins with stress cracks. 

Stress cracks occur when unstable asphalt surfaces continue to incur a good deal of pressure and weight over a period of time. Moreover, it doesn’t take any special event, it can be caused by continual normal use, such as foot traffic and vehicle traffic. 

Linear Cracks

Linear cracks are directly caused by a combination of an improper asphalt paving job and continual use of regular traffic. Linear Cracks are easy to identify and differ from other cracks because they usually run parallel with the center line of the asphalt paved surface. 

Reflection Cracking

Reflection cracking sometimes happens over existing cracks or damages. Joint reflection cracking could be a a direct result of this and is typically caused by the rising, expansion, and shrinkage of a weak and broken overlay or substrate.


Think of potholes as extensions of existing damages like cracks, depressions, and dips that are neglected over a protracted amount of your time. The additional traffic your asphalt pavement sustains over time, the more inevitable it is to develop potholes. Any cracks or damages that are neglected will collect water and rubble, that will cause erosion over time.

As vehicles maintain to drive over the cracked and broken asphalt pavement, the cracks will remain to expand as items of asphalt keep degrading. This not only looks unprofessional in appearance; moreover, it can cause a serious safety hazard for pedestrians and drivers.

Cure: Asphalt Repaving, Asphalt Reclamation.


Shoving is known as random rippling or a wavy texture (also referred to as corrugation) in some areas of your asphalt. This is often caused by a continual flow of traffic and constant weight of large vehicles on your asphalt pavement. Shoving usually transpires at points where such as stop sign, cross walks, and stop lights, in places where traffic abruptly stops.

Edge Cracks

Edge cracks may be an immediate results of shrinkage. As the name advocates, edge cracking is the kind of pavement distress that happens on the perimeters of an asphalt parking lot or surface, wherever the asphalt meets the curb or drops off.

What Are the Different Methods of Asphalt Crack Repair in Houston?

Before going into overhaul mode, it is important to note that there are many approaches to asphalt crack repair in Houston to repair and/or replace any asphalt pavement damages that may have occurred due to the hot Texas sun.

Asphalt Crack Filling

Crack filling may be a temporary repair that's vulnerable to premature failure. The repair method involves removing the rubble out of the asphalt crack and filling it with hot rubber. Crack filling is estimated to last up to twelve months.

Asphalt Rout & Seal

Asphalt Rout & Seal is considered a permanent crack repair technique that lasts for many years. The Houston City Ordinance recommends because of its proven performance.

The repair method involves routing cracks to form a channel appropriate for receiving hot rubber through the over-band application. Rout & Seal is predicted to last for concerning 5-15 years.

Benefits of Asphalt Crack Repair

Simply identifying and taking note of the damages the Texas Sun continues to incur upon your property isn’t enough. Action is required, and the sooner you take action the more beneficial it will be to your asphalt surface and your budget.

Mounting cracks and expanding cracks without a doubt will increase to further damage and cost in the future if not addressed in a timely manner. Over time, water and debris can inevitably infiltrate the surface of your asphalt pavement, intensifying the present problems and creating an unsafe parking lot, driveway, or any other asphalt pavement. Immediate asphalt crack repair has the following benefits:

Prevents Water Infiltration and Pavement Erosion

Above all elements of pavement erosion, water is your pavement’s worst enemy. Once it permeates the surface of your asphalt, it will cause either irreparable or expensive structural damages. Water erodes asphalt and therefore the longer it remains in direct contact with your pavement, the larger the probabilities are of cracks increasing and forming potholes or depressions within the ground. Filling in or sealing cracks immediately is the recommended best way stop this from happening.

Minimizes Crack Expansion

The longer you neglect to repair the cracks in your pavement, the more probable they are to enlarge of time and expand to other areas of your asphalt paved surface. Even the tiniest crack has the potential to evolve into a spider or alligator crack and these are usually ingrained, which suggests there might be internal damages that may not be seen immediately. Cracks that are still within the development stages of formation are sometimes shallow and thus easier to repair with asphalt crack sealer.

Reduces Formation of Alligator Cracks and Potholes

As mentioned, even the tiniest of cracks are the beginning process for alligator cracks and potholes. If your property happens to undergo constant foot traffic or automobile traffic—particularly heavier vehicles like buses, or trucks—then it’s particularly necessary to repair cracks when first noticed. Not only do alligator cracks and potholes create safety hazards for visitors, they can be expensive to repair as well.

Prevents the Need for Asphalt Removal and Replacement

Asphalt reclamation, known as complete asphalt removal and replacement is the most expensive asphalt repair process. This method is used to essentially start all over with new start to your asphalt pavement. Due to the costs, it should be a last resort for property owners. When property owners schedule asphalt repairs at the first signs of deterioration, the expense for asphalt reclamation can be avoided. After-all, when asphalt reclamation occurs, business, streets, and or driveways will need to be shut down for a period of time.

Extends Your Pavement’s Lifespan

As a general rule of thumb, the more attention you give your asphalt pavement, the more longevity you'll receive from it. If you are taking excellent care of it by keeping it clean and applying necessary repairs on an everyday basis, then you shouldn’t experience any issues with it. Resealing your asphalt pavement each 2-3 years can guarantee that it’ll last for a minimum of twenty years or close to it. Of course, there are different factors to think about, such as the vehicle usage your property undergoes on average and even the weight of the vehicles using it.

Creates a Uniform Coat over Pavement

A very important advantage of regular asphalt crack maintenance and crack repair results in a clean, respectable, and aesthetically please asphalt paved surface. Regular maintenance result in happier users. After-all, your asphalt parking lot, is the 1st impression a visitors experiences. Keep them safe with a well maintained and safe asphalt surface.

It’s Cost-Effective

It can not be mentioned enough, early asphalt cracking identifying and repair will save you time and money. Early small crack repair is far more affordable then delaying and have to purchase asphalt reclamation. On the legal side, as a property owner, it is your obligation to provide a safe environment for your guests. So avoid lawsuits, bank breaking charges for asphalt reclamation, and get your asphalt repair early.

Asphalt Crack Repair Services in Houston, Texas

At Corestone Paving and Construction., we have over 13 years of experience installing and repairing commercial asphalt parking lots throughout Houston and surrounding areas. We’re proud to be a family-owned and operated business with a focus on customer communication and satisfaction. From crack filling and seal coating to complete asphalt reclamation, we do it all. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Houston Permitting Information

Have a project that needs asphalt construction or repair? Our team is standing by to answer your asphalt contractor questions.

Click here 281-651-0616

Asphalt Paving FAQs

Why Choose Blacktop Paving for you paving needs?

The condition of your parking lot and driving surface directly represents your company. Providing a well paved and maintained driving experience says that your care about your customers. In addition, it says that you care about the safety of pedestrians and care about protecting their vehicle from damages caused by potholes and chipped concrete.

Asphalt Paving continues to prove itself in Houston, Texas. Cost efficiency, durability, and longevity are just a few benefits that you will receive when you hire a professional Houston asphalt contractor.

How long will a new asphalt parking lot or driveway last?

When an asphalt parking lot is professionally installed by Corestone Paving and Construction, customers can expect 30 years of life. With proper maintenance, many project can last between 40 and 50 years.

What is the expected procedure for install new asphalt pavement?

At Corestone, our typical procedure for installing asphalt pavement begins by having one of our experienced crews prepare the base to ensure sub-grading drains properly. This process is essential because it must be constructed to accommodate the load bearing specifications. Depending on the required specifications, we then apply 1,2, or 3 layers of highly quality asphalt to ensure the maximized asphalt paving finish.

What is the procedure for maintaining my asphalt pavement?

When it comes to asphalt maintenance, it is best to let the professionals handle it. There are many do-it-yourself products available; moreover, they are not up to the standard used by Corestone Paving, and may end up costing more money in the long run. In addition, improper applications for asphalt maintenance may cause additional damage.

Does Corestone Paving and Construction offer a Houston Asphalt Paving Warranty?

Yes! Corestone Paving and Construction offers a 1 year warranty on most projects we complete. We can do this, because we don’t take shortcuts and offer the best service and paving design needed for the application. We walk away from the job confident that the client has given the best construction output needed for the application. If you trust our team, typically we can add the stated 1 year warranty to your project. This gives you peace of mind, for the investment into the future of your property.