Deciding on a Bid

Deciding on a bidHow closely do you actually look at the contracts/bids your vendors submit to you?  Do you simply look at the price and not pay attention to the details?  OR…Do you look at the warranty?  Do you actually look at what is included and what is excluded?  Do you thoroughly read the details of a contractor’s provided scope of work?  The details are important.  PAY ATTENTION?  It matters!

Once you have received a bid for asphalt paving work to be completed, thoroughly review the information that the contractor has provided to you.  Some contracts actually read as though they are doing a “soft shoe”.  Pay attention to the details and specifications.  Are they contradicting?  Is the proposal “spelled out” for you in standard industry language?

For example, if a contractor provides a 1 year guarantee on the work, do  they put restrictions on the guaranteed in the “exclusions” section of the proposal? Words matter and they can make your warranty worthless.

If you see contradictions, it’s time to throw out the “red challenge” flag.  If you see the word “economy”, then generally what you get is a job performed with a REDUCTION IN QUALITY.  If the project is worth spending money on, it should be done to last.  Economy jobs don’t last and you will end up spending more in the long run and….generally they are not guaranteed/warranted.

Do it right the first time, do it to last.  At Corestone Paving, we don’t like to dance!  A “soft shoe” won’t end up on a contract or a bid.  Corestone Paving will provide a QUALITY SERVICE the first time and EVERY TIME.  When bidding a job, Corestone will provide you with the proper procedures and specifications to do the job right.  You won’t have to call us back again and again to redo repairs because of work that was performed below industry standards.