Concrete Pipe Rack Construction

Concrete Pipe Rack Construction

Corestone Construction specializes in concrete construction for pipe racks and site stabilization for pipe yards. Our previous pipe rack projects are featured here. The following specs are common (but not limited too) for pipe rack construction.

Example Specs:

11’ Long x 2’6” Wide x 1’ 6” High
4000 PSI concrete
Hoop Rebar 60 Strength Yield #3 x 14” x 25”
9 5/8” Pipe 8’ High

Built On Site
Corestone can build your concrete racks on site, to avoid costly freight requirements.

Corestone is committed to working closely with our clients to build custom pipe racks based on site criteria and customer needs. Upon request, Corestone can work with structural engineers to provide a complete design build service.

The safety and durability of concrete pipe racks benefits everyone in operations. In certain yards, your ability to add more pipe per square foot, is an added benefit of the steel pipes creating a cage for increased pipe capacity per rack.

Please reach out to a Corestone Construction representative to get your next pipe rack project started.

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