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Corestone Paving and Construction is a heavy site and roadway construction company, serving Baytown, Texas. We provide asphalt paving for both commercial and residential use. Backed by more than 20 years of experience in the asphalt industry, we have worked on all kinds of parking lots, driveways, roadways, and much more. Since 2011, we continue to be a family owned business and concentrate on building family relationships with out clients. 

Concrete Repair Sugar Land

When it comes to concrete paving under this Texas sun, it's only a matter of time until repairs are necessary. We specialize in concrete repair services. Our technicians are trained to evaluate the entire damaged area and construct a repair that last longer than the pavement itself. We value our clients, and are able to repair any type of concrete damage. 

Concrete Repair Sugar Land
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Concrete Paving for Residential and Commercial Use

Concrete has many available residential and commercial applications. In addition to driveways and parking lots, concrete can be used as the chosen pavement for pathways, front walk-ways and patios. Concrete is also beneficial around Swimming pool and hot tubs.

When properly treated, concrete can be a very aesthetically pleasing pavement choice, able to resemble stone, woodm and other cool textures. It can even be customized for individual personalization.The creative abilities that come with concrete are endless; many clients choose conrete stamping to give unique texture to the pavement. 

Creating the design of brick is probably the foremost common trend in today's time. A brick drive or path provides any home an additional aesthetically pleasing look, that can either be luxurious or industrial. However, the time and cost for real brick simply does not make sense financially. For this reason, stamped concrete paving is a popular and affordable alternative. Utilizing brick stamps, we can custom pave and pavement to look like the real thing. We can even use special dyes to enhance the look of the concrete pavement.

A custom stamped concrete driveway is more than just appealing to the eye, it is also a more safe alternative. Even the most experienced mason can misplace real bricks, leaving jagged points in a driveway. With stamped concrete, the pavement comes out perfect every time.

Avoid Common Mistakes with Concrete Paving

Concrete paving is not for everyone, meaning that it is not suitable for the average home owner to try and tackle. When not installed properly, it can end up costing much more money than intended to repair. Concrete paving, in Sugar Land, is a job for professionals. Professionals have the proper experience, tools, equipment, and knowledge to install concrete pavement to last. The most common mistake by homeowners is not properly planning for the paving process and not hiring the right concrete contractors to install their pavement. It is very important to contact a professional concrete paving company, they will properly explain your options, timeline, and overall cost of the process.