Houston Concrete Contractors

When looking for a contractor in Houston, you need to understand their skill set and the contractors needs to meet your expectations.  Are the quality and integrity of your concrete construction needs being met? There are multiple aspects of a high quality concrete paving design. Your contractor needs to propose the scope of work with precision and provide a finished product that performs as expected.  Accuracy, proficiency, efficiency and cost effectiveness are all things that should be considered in your concrete contractor selection.

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 Our 1 Year Warranty

Corestone Construction offers a 1 year warranty on most projects we complete. We can do this, because we don’t take shortcuts and offer the best service and paving design needed for the application. We walk away from the job confident that the client has given the best construction output needed for the application. If you trust our team, typically we can add the stated 1 year warranty to your project. This gives you peace of mind, for the investment into the future of your property.

3 Things To Ask Your Concrete Contractor

  1. What is your experience in the industry? Corestone construction has over 30 years of experience in the industry. We have a dedicated team, to estimate, plan and execute a high quality paving experience for you or your clients.
  2. What type of concrete design do you recommend? (PSI and rebar design) Corestone customizes concrete and rebar designs to the needs of the client. If you have heavy duty machinery, the concrete will require a higher PSI design, with more rebar. The more material, the higher the price. With a heavy duty design, expect to get a much higher quality output you can trust.
  3. Will you come see the property? Its important to meet the contractor in person, and measure the sq. ft. area with the contractor. If you are given a sq. ft number that is too high, your quoted price will be higher. Knowing your contractor will come to location and meet you is very important in the success of your project. Corestone Constructions team is standing by to see your next project. Our team is knowledgeable and ready

Corestone's Price Guarantee

Corestone Construction prides itself on its quality, best-in-class customer service. Project pricing is based on utilization of the highest quality materials and exceptional workmanship which exceed industry standards. Our pricing policy is based on a “best product, best price” guarantee.

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Corestone Construction Services Include: 

  • All General Concrete Construction
    • Parking Lot Installation
    • Sidewalk repair and installation
    • Concrete repair
    • Concrete removal
    • Concrete Roadways
    • Concrete Foundations
    • New Concrete construction

Other Construction Services

  • Demolition - Demolition services including concrete, asphalt and storm sewer demolition.
  • Dirt Work - Site preparation grading, excavation, haul off, cut & fill, furnish & Install select fill and general dirt work needs for all construction projects. Excavation for trenches, drainage retention/detention ponds, and all general site excavation needs.
  • Site Stabilization - Site stabilization for all types of soil compositions. Lime, Lime/fly ash and portland cement stabilization. All work is performed in accordance with project specific geotechnical requirements.
  • Building Foundations - Concrete slab foundation installations including, building pad, Grade beams, piers and slab on grade.
  • Asphalt Paving /Base Installation - Asphalt installation & repairs of asphalt paving for roads, parking lots, and all general asphalt applications.
  • Asphalt Pavement Reclamation In place full depth reclamation (FDR) of asphalt pavement surfaces which provide for a new pavement base structure and new asphalt wear coarse.
  • Utilities / Storm Sewer - Drainage/storm sewer pipe including RCP, HDPE, Catch Basins, Manholes, Inlets and more.

    To get a dedicated civil construction specialist on the phone, please call our office

    Dial or click here 281-651-0616

Areas We Serve

Harris County - Montgomery County -Fort Bend County -Waller County -Brazoria County -Galveston County -Chambers County -Grimes County -Walker County -Liberty County - Texas Gulf Coast