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Houston Paving - Concrete PavingCorestone Paving & Construction is looking for LABORERS to aid in upcoming projects.

Pay is based on concrete and paving experience, ranging from $10 – $15 / hour.

Please use the following online form to fill out a short application. Thank you.

To access the online form. Click this link: https://goo.gl/forms/IRW7aK2n0shpmDDJ2


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Please click on the link and check out our Washed Rock Sidewalks video.  Most companies don’t wash the pebbles/rocks before installing.  This extra step that Corestone Paving takes, makes the rock shiny and pretty once installed and the concrete sets and drys.  Makes them look polished.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eknP-z7OMRI

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Corestone would like to wish you and yours a safe and happy Memorial Day Holiday.  We remember those that have fought and died for our freedom this holiday and respect their families.  Please join us in remembering all of the families of fallen soldiers.  Our prayers are with them.
Corestone Paving & Construction
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Corestone Paving would like to share our 2012 with you.  Take a look at our Year In Pictures.

We hope you enjoy.  Here’s wishing you a prosperous and healthy 2013.

Happy New Year from Corestone Paving.

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It’s going to get down to freezing here in the Houston area tonight.  Be sure to bring in your pets, and cover your tender plants.  Your parking lots should be OK 🙂

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December 17th, 2012 by mjfeatherston under Uncategorized

Vendor of the Day

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At this time of year when budgets have been spent, work is either crazy busy or a little slow, weather doesn’t cooperate with parking lot repairs, and stress levels are up……..we need to sit back and reflect on our many blessings.  So many of us get so wrapped up in the buying of gifts, outdoing the Jones’s, and decorating and planning for parties, that we forget what this season is really all about.

We should reflect on what we have, what we have been blessed with.  Be thankful we have our health, our jobs, our families, a place to live, and our homes.  There are those less fortunate than us and are in need of toys for gifts, food for their Christmas dinners.  Please take time to drop off a toy at a location collecting for Toys for Tots or a local church that is collecting for families in need.  Food banks are low at this time of year (thus the Channel 13 Food Drive every year in December) and they try to give families baskets for Christmas dinners.  Remember to donate at collecting locations.  Some of your grocery stores have bags you may purchase and they will make sure they get to a family in need.

So in this season of giving, reflecting, and giving thanks, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and safe holidays.  Let’s start the new year with a positive note and be thankful for all we have.

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November 28th, 2012 by mjfeatherston under Houston Concrete Paving, Houston Paving, Houston Paving Repair, Uncategorized

Concrete is an awesome product, although it’s not perfect.  Nothing is.  There are just too many variables in the mixing, placing, and finishing of the concrete.  Most of these problems are either avoidable or repairable though.  A large amount of the time, most problems are the result of mistakes made with the finisher that is chosen.  Most times, the builders (or general contractors) will choose the lowest bidder, which means the least amount of labor hours to get the job done.  This also means that they will use a lower cost (cheaper) and lower quality concrete.  This means it will have low compressed strengths less expensive mixtures.  Most problems arise with the improper installation of the concrete.

For instance, Cracking.  There are so many reasons why concrete cracks.  It’s almost impossible to know the exact cause.  However, cracks rarely result in structural problems.  Cracks can be caused by too much water in the mix.  Some contractors add extra water to make it easier to finish out the concrete before it dries, because they don’t have enough man power available to do the job properly.  As the product dries, it will shrink as the extra water that was put in evaporates.

Improper strength for the slab/lot.  Many people are unaware that there are different strengths available in concrete.  You don’t want to drive an 18 wheeler over a lower strength concrete as it will crack and break down.

Many times the concrete will crack because there is a stress that exceeds the tensile strength of the concrete.  Tension control joints should be placed in the right places to alleviate those stresses.  If placed improperly, or if too few are placed, the concrete will crack under the stress.

Corestone Paving prides it’s self in providing Quality, Performance, Experience and Integrity.  To avoid the above issues, you want to be sure to hire an experienced contractor.  One like Corestone Paving, who has 30 combined years of experience providing pavement repairs, replacement and maintenance of existing facilities as well as installation of paving for new/ground up developments.

Corestone Paving provides these services to local municipalities, general contractors, property managers and, as project scope and requirements permit, directly to property owner clients.  Click on “Proposal Request” at the top of the screen today and we will have an Estimator contact you for further information.

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November 20th, 2012 by mjfeatherston under Uncategorized

Sealcoating a parking lot is an important part of the maintenance of the lot.  But the more crucial thing to keep in mind, is the timely maintenance of the parking lot. Sealcoating requires applying a coat of sealant on the surface of the asphalt which protects it from rough weather.  It also helps deter wear and tear,  unfortunate  conditions like oil spills and exposure to high temperatures and sunlight.  The construction and the physical condition around the parking lot helps to determine  the type of sealcoat that is applied.

Corestone Paving can help in complimenting the life of your parking lot.  When a parking lot is subject to leaks from vehicles parked in the lot, a continuous layer of oil  weakens the top surface.  Over time, this causes a slow, steady degradation of the lot leading to cracks and potholes.  This makes the parking lot not only unsightly,  but disables the usability of the lot.  If the parking lot is inspected from time to time and sealcoating is applied, it can extend the life expectancy of your lot.


Without sealcoating, the parking lot surface begins to turn brittle and it will crack.  Sealcoating helps  prevent this issue from happening.  The Sealcoat creates a layer that protects the lot from outdoor elements such as water, dirt, or oil/chemical deposits.  Corestone Paving can help keep your chances of  having to do overlays to the parking lot by sealcoating and protecting the lot.  This also helps reduce expensive repair jobs.  When your parking lot is sealcoated on a regular basis it can extend the life of the parking lot and result in saving you money.  Not only will the parking lot be more functional, it will look more inviting and appealing to your customers or residents.

Now is the time to budget for a sealcoat job to your lot, as winter isn’t a good time for the process.  The  ambient temperature and the surface aren’t warm enough to give the sealcoat time to dry.  Therefore, it doesn’t apply well.  A Corestone Paving Estimator can inspect and measure your lot and give you a free estimate for a sealcoat job to fit your budget.  Just click on “Proposal Request” on the website home page and fill out the information.  We hope to hear from you soon!

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Corestone Paving & Construction
Happy Thanksgiving!
From Corestone Paving’s family to yours, we are wishing you a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday.
At this time of year, as we give thanks for all our blessings, please remember those less fortunate. Corestone Paving will be participating in the Houston Apartment Association’s Annual Food Drive. Please contact the HAA offices at www.haaonline.org if you have any non perishable items that you would like to donate.

MJ Featherston
Corestone Paving & Construction
Corestone Paving
211 S. Persimmon #200
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